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Modell Cityliner
Basic vehicle Cityliner Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender with electric drive

Fuel/Mode of drive Com. Rail Diesel Electric engine with lithium batteries
Standard exhaust fumes/ Range Euro 5 100-120km
HP / kW 122 HP / 90 kW 75kW
Cubic capacity 2.200 cm³ 
Energy recovery 
if you let up on the accelerator
if you put on the brakes
Charging process
380V – 9kW – 5h or 220V – 3kW – 16h
Length 4.200m 4.200m
Width 1.800m 1.800m
Height 2.500m 2.500m
Wheelbase 2.360m 2.360m
Turning circle 12m  12m 
Basic equipment:

Electric system 12V 12V
Brakes hydraulic, with air support hydraulic, with air support
Water cooling
Power steering
Seats in driver’s cab 2 2
Doors in driver’s cab 2 2
Complete glazing
Permanent 4x4

Extra equipment:

Heating system in driver’s cab

Air condition in driver’s cab


Loudspeaker system

Airbrake system

Range Extender
For a range until 180km