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Extra equipment for coaches
·         Chassis treated with zinc
·         Heating system for the coaches
·         Spare wheel with fastening
·         Weather proof PVC cover
·         2 billboards per coach
·         2 billboards with lights per coach
·         Closed coaches with panorama-glazing
·         Coaches with panorama roof
·         Ski rack
·         Wheel chair ramp - manual or pneumatically
·         The craft train
·         Train station  

Description of the most important extra equipments:  

Chassis treated with zinc 
·     Heating system

As extra equipment we offer a WEBASTO heating system for the coach which is situated under the seats in the middle of the coach.    

·     Spare wheel with fastening  

·         Weather proof PVC cover

For bad-weather-days we offer a weatherproof PVC cover which has a zip one every door to go in.    pvc verkleidung.jpg 
·     Closed coaches with panorama-glazing

Top modern is the new version of closed coaches with panorama-glazing. With this glazing the passengers have an unlimited range of vision. We use a special security glass were it is not possible to scratch the glasses or to turn yellow.  This version of coaches is also suitable for winter and in summer the glasses can be taken off.  

·     Billboards on the coaches

The billboards are suitable for self-advertisement or you can offer advertising space for other companies. The billboards were fixed on the roof on both sides of the coaches.  

werbetafel beschriftung.jpg
·     Billboards with colored lights

On the billboards are colored lamps which are working especially in the dark to attract everybody’s attention.  

werbetafel beleuchtung.jpg
·     Coaches with panorama roof

The latest models of coaches have windows on the roof to have more light inside of the coach and sometimes also the view up is interesting.  
·     Ski rack

For our customers who are driving in ski areas we offer also ski racks where the passengers can put their skis in during the trip.  

·     Wheel chair ramp - manual or pneumatically

We offer wheel chair ramps for the coaches.  Both doors of the row can be opened. The ramp can work manual or pneumatically. Please calculate that for 1 wheel chair place in the coach you lost 2 normal seats.  

·     The craft-train

A train with metal decoration - You have never seen such a train before!    

vrbanus3.jpg   vrbanus1.jpg vrbanus2.jpg

Train station



·     Translucent roof

This roof is translucent but not transparent you cannot see through.




·     Transparent roof with polycarbonate

   Transparent roof where you can see through.

   Some photos will follow!