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General information of coaches

·     Chassis:

The coaches are a construction of steel, which can be treated with zinc on request.   

·     Axles:

The coaches are equipped with KNOTT- axles which are steered and have air-suspension. By all our coach models is the front axle as well as the back axle steered.This ensures problem free road behaviour also on small and bendy streets. 

·     Brakes:

The brake system of the coaches is actuated with a hydraulic air support (WABCO).  

·     Wheels:

The rim has the size 5,5j x 13 and the wheel size is 195/50xR13C with a maximum weight of 900 kg/wheel 

·     Floor:

As floor is used an aluminium channelled-sheet.   

·     Seats:

Depending on the type of coach we offer 5 or 7 seat rows with 4 seats in each row facing the engine.
The single seats consist of washable plastic and are very comfortable.


·     Roof:

The roof inside is covered with plastic and is equipped with 5 lamps and 2 loudspeakers. 


·     Emergency switch:

In each coach are two switchers to press which give a signal to the driver in the driver’s cab to stop the train.  


·     Safety locks, safety chains:

Depending on the model of the coach you have on each side 5 or 7 doors which are equipped with safety locks and safety chains. 



  ·     Electric system:

The locomotive is providing the electric system with 12 Volt 


·     Last seat row:

The last seat row can be used for the heating, as storage space for the PVC coat or the spare wheel.


·     Coach with entry only on right side: 

·     Parking brake on the coach: