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extra equipment for the locomotive


  • Lighting system in driver´s cab
  • Driver´s cap with pane (glass)
  • Radio
  • Loudspeaker system
  • Heating system in driver´s cap
  • Air-condition in driver´s cap
  • Automatic gearbox (is not for all models possible)
  • Tinted glasses
  • Yellow rotating light on the roof
  • Airbake system for coaches
  • Bilingual CD-information system (only in combination with loudspeaker system)
  • Gas-drive
  • 4 wheel drive

Description of the most important extra equipment:

·     Driver´s cap with pane (glass)

Verglasung Lok

·     Radio and loudspeaker system

On request can be installed a loudspeaker system with two loudspeakers in each coach. In addition to that this system has 4 different railway-sounds which can be heard in front of the train like a horn. Furthermore is included a microphone to give an announcement.


·     Heating system in driver´s cap

·     Air-condition in driver´s cap


·     Tinted glasses

getoente scheiben lok

·     Rotating light on the roof


·     Air brake system for coaches

The locomotives are equipped with the WABCO airbrake system. A special control system regulates the braking behavior of the coaches.


After you have started the engine you have to switch on the air compressor. Before you can drive the air compressor must have min. 5 bar. Below 4 bar you cannot drive because the coaches are automatically braked.

On the right side of the coach – under the second door is the brake valve.  The brake valve has a handle which you can adjust anticlockwise as follows:

Is the handle on 12 o’clock – Brake on – MEDIUM BRAKE


Is the handle on 3 o’clock  – Brake on -  LIGHT BRAKE


Is the handle on 6 o’clock – No brake, this is only to push the coach


Ist the handle on 9 o‘clock -  Brake on – STRONG BRAKE

·     Bilingual CD-information system

This system can be used for explaining directions and for explaining the sights on the route especially for tourists.

As you see on the second photo is the system working with a CD so that in the first coach you here the English information and in the second coach you can hear the German information. This system can only work in combination with the loudspeaker system.


·     Gas-drive (only for petrol engines) 

·     4x4 Four wheel drive (Nissan, Suzuki)

The locomotive models Mercedes, Iveco and Land Rover have standard permanent four wheel drive. The models Nissan and Suzuki we can refit with free hubs.

4x4 antrieb.jpg